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Jacob William
Date of Birth: 2/10/2008 2:08:00 AM
Age: 16 Years 2 Months 13 Days
Nickname(s): Jacob-Jacob, Jakey-Jake, Squishy Boy
Stats: 6lbs. 2oz., 18 inches.
Favorites: Being held constantly.
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Jacob's Movies and Audio
Note: To view these movies or listen to audio clips you may need a player such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or Winamp to name a few.
11/13/2008 Jacob playing in the cabinet
11/10/2008 Jacob and Bailey being crazy
11/06/2008 Jacob's first lollipop
05/16/2008 Jacob playing on the floor 1
05/16/2008 Jacob playing on the floor 2
*sing it* Poopie on the pottie!
Kelly says Jacob took off his diaper today, ran over to the pottie, and took a poop. All on his own! (For you non-parents/younger people, yeah, it's kinda gross posting about poop.)

She bought him some Thomas the Train underwear and we're going to try and keep him in at least those. He still thinks he can pee whenever he wants though. hehe.
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4/6/2010 8:39:06 PM 0 comments
Nekkid Kid
Jacob is currently running around the house buck-nekkid. Apparently he just figured out that he can just undress himself and "fly free". He is having a blast.

He too is growing like a weed. Talking more and more every day. His favorite color appears to be blue. And he likes saying "two" or "too" and "whaaaizzzzitt?"

He is yelling "daddy... daddy... daddy..." now; think it's time for supper.
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3/28/2010 5:46:22 PM 0 comments
Jacob's 2 year old checkup
Yesterday Jacob had his checkup. He is 34 inches (although I have no idea how she figured this out because he was squirming so badly!). He's 29lbs 10oz. Percentiles for height: 40% and weight: 70%
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2/12/2010 2:27:15 PM 0 comments
Little Fart Smeller
Jacob is growing like a weed. Lots of teeth coming in, he's starting to talk a little more (daddy, momma, baylee *kinda*, oh-oh, etc.). He loves to climb up on things now. Chairs, tables, barstools, anything he can. One of his latest tricks is to climb on a kitchen chair, then onto the table; at which point he stands up and is all proud of himself.

With all the new activity comes all the requisite bumps, bruises, cuts, etc.
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7/22/2009 10:15:33 PM 0 comments
15 Month Checkup
Jacob is getting chunky. He's gone from the 30th percentile for weight to 66%! He's 25lbs 12oz & 30 1/2 inches long (29%). He got the HepB & Polio vaccines today.
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5/19/2009 4:16:21 PM 0 comments
Hey... think I'll climb me some stairs.
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12/10/2008 8:03:15 PM 0 comments
Jacob has RSV
and another ear infection. For more info on RSV you can visit this website: http://www.cdc.gov/rsv/

Poor dude is on nebulizer treatments every 3-4 hours and an antibiotic for his 2nd ear infection.
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12/8/2008 10:10:44 PM 0 comments
Three new videos
I just added three new videos of Jacob. Check out the links on the left.
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11/22/2008 11:34:12 PM 0 comments
Ouch... that hurt!
We were at the mall today just wasting time; Bailey and Kelly were in a toy store looking at stuff while Jacob and I were out in the main hall. He grabbed my hand and started to gum my finger, like he does all the time, except OUCH! this time it hurt.

The little guy has a tooth coming in. Lower front, right in the middle. Sharp little thing. Probing around I can kinda feel some more coming in, but he won't sit still long enough to look in and see.
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11/22/2008 10:55:20 PM 0 comments
9 Month Appt. & Sick :(
Weight: 18lbs 9oz - 20%
Height: 27 1/4 inches - 17%
Head Cir.: 18 1/4 - 78%

I quit giving him Prevacid a couple of months ago. The doctor said that was fine and he had probably outgrown his reflux. He still spits up, but no where near what he was doing as a newborn.

Jacob has a bulging ear infection and is wheezing. He's had a cold for about a month now. He was just at the doctor's 10/27 for an eye infection.
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11/13/2008 10:56:41 PM 1 comments | Last comment by Jessica
Damn squirmy kid!
Jacob is all over the place now. Army crawling, pulling himself up on stuff, and just generally refusing to sit still. Putting him on the changing table involves him immediately flipping over and trying to crawl away. He thinks it's a super fun game.

I had to lower his crib the other night because when he stands up and was head and shoulders over the top edge. I might have to lower it again very soon.
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11/2/2008 11:17:30 PM 1 comments | Last comment by Jessica
Almost (self-)Mobile
Jacob is just about ready to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. He can roll over whenever he wants and can kinda drag himself around if he's on the floor/bed. We're past the point where he just lays there. :o)

Putting him on the changing table using involves him immediately flipping over onto his stomache and lifting his head to look around. He's also started trying to pull himself up on the crib bumper/railing.
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9/28/2008 9:27:23 PM 0 comments
6 Month Appointment
We had Jacob's checkup today. The doctor wants to keep him on the formula Alimentum till 1 year & also continue the Prevacid. He's doing really well. Here are his stats:

weight 15lbs 13oz 20%

height 26 inches 33%

head 17 1/2 in 68%
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8/14/2008 8:46:14 PM 0 comments
Jacob rolls over!
I hadJacob on a blanket in the family room for some back/tummy time today. Usually if we push him onto his side he can turn (flop) to his front or back depending where his arms are.

I put him on his tummy to work on lifting his head, next thing I know he flips over to his back. I called Mommy and Bailey over. Mommy didn't believe me. I put him on his tummy again... at first I didn't think he would do it again; just to spite me.
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7/2/2008 1:01:55 AM 2 comments | Last comment by mcreeron91
I just uploaded two movies to Jacob's page. You can find them in the movie/audio section (currently on the left).
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6/14/2008 2:52:33 AM 0 comments

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