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Date of Birth: 4/7/2001 12:00:00 AM
Date of Death: 3/15/2017 12:30:00 PM
Age: 23 Years 2 Months 15 Days (RIP)
Nickname(s): Stormio, Stormy
Occupation: Senior Barker, Lawn Fertilizer
Favorites: Bear (what's left of it anyways), Piggy, treats, squeaky toys
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Happy Birthday Storm!
Tomorrow Storm will be 9 years old. Hard to imagine we've had him that long. He is a little grayer and fatter, but other than that he hasn't really changed. Still a crazy dog when the doorbell rings, he hears a noise, or it storms outside. So much for people telling me he'd calm down at 5 or 6.
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4/6/2010 8:41:06 PM 0 comments
A chicken? I thought we bought a dog...
Storm is still petrified of storms. lol. Rain storms send him cowering under my desk or in the room to hide with someone. Thunder and lightning makes him visibly shake. I think Kelly traumatized him with loud noises when he was a puppy. *smirk*

Other than needing a haircut and a bath he's good. Mommy takes him out walking a lot so he's actually lost weight along with her.
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7/22/2009 10:18:35 PM 0 comments
Older and Crazier
Storm is almost 7.5 years old. Instead of calming down and getting more mellow he is getting crazier. Barks at everyone, and at a lot of noises as well. And people walking by the yard, moreso if they are walking dogs, he just barks his fool head off.

He's not mean or anything, just loud and annoying at times. If someone stops he is all happy to see them; he's usually nice to other dogs as well.
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9/29/2008 12:25:49 AM 0 comments
Storm and the baby
Storm has been doing really well since Jacob arrived. Whenever Jacob comes home after being out Storm has to sniff and kiss him to make sure he's okay. No signs of jealousy or anything.

Now if we could just get him to stop kissing/licking Jacob so much until he gets a little older. :o)
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4/11/2008 12:44:42 AM 0 comments
Storm takes a vacation
Storm spent a week plus at Grampa's house while we went to Disney and visited him in Florida. Grampa says he was very good. I'm sure he had fun visiting; Grampa is one of his best pals.

Thanks Grampa for watching our Puppy!
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3/20/2007 1:56:50 AM 0 comments

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